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Conflict management from 


verbal to physical #kravmagaworks


Krav Maga works. Here's how:

How we react under stress, varies from person to person, it is based on our knowledge and experiences.

The underlying principals  and the teaching methodology behind Krav Maga are simple and smart.  

When we are under stress our motor skills break down -Krav Maga is based on simple movements  learned in a repetition so they become instinctive.

Knowledge is power, we are (in training)  trying to override the freezing response in the quickest way. Without realising we assess, adapt, respond and move.

Krav Maga Global are the largest professional Krav Maga organisation in the world, with established KMG branches in over 40 countries and growing. 



Krav Maga is a realistic and effective form of self-defence.
It teaches you to defend yourself against all kinds of threats and attacks. From non physical  confrontational issues, common slaps, chokes and grabs, to all situations with weapons. It will also show you how to deal with more than one assailant.

It is our belief that everybody, no matter what age, weight, gender or body type, has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Spatial awareness is key...

Krav Maga is not about fighting; it’s also about prevention and avoidance -  being aware of the situations, recognising a problem before it happens, improving your ability to respond quickly and solving that problem whilst under stress.

Krav Maga teaches you how to recognise difficult situations and give you the tools to deal with them.

Krav Maga is based on natural behaviour and an essential part of this tactical system is its teaching process, which makes it quick and easy to learn. Krav Maga does not rely on size or strength – so it can be used effectively by men and women of all age.

Empowerment: instilling confidence through learning the skills to deal with confrontation and deal with stress. 



Sarah Brendlor is a self-defence coach, who teaches 

Krav Maga. Primarily teaching in Central & North West London, though teaches nationally.

She teaches men, women and kids and apart from regular classes runs short courses and workshops for families, friends, schools, companies and community groups.

From time to time runs free workshops and work with councils and charity organisations working with people whom have experienced violence.

Training includes:

  • 1-2-1 and private group training in self-defence

  • Krav Maga – Corporate training and team building

  • WOMEN ONLY self-defence workshops and courses

  • Krav Maga for under 18’s

  • After school clubs

  • Weapon awareness for teenagers

  • Krav Maga for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme

Part of the London Krav Maga instructor team, the oldest established (1996) Krav Maga club in the U.K.

London Krav Maga provide regular classes in Central and North West London. Established in 1996, they were the first Krav Maga school in the UK. Since then thousands of students have learnt Krav Maga with them and they now offer 14 different Krav Maga courses at three different venues in London. Classes and courses are divided into the following three categories: Adult, women- only and kids. For information on the regular courses and classes visit londonkravmaga.com

“With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, and one of only a handful of female Krav Maga instructors in the U.K qualified by Krav Maga Global, I’m passionate about helping my students reach their goals. 


As a teacher I also feel it’s important to be constantly learning. I am continually refining and exploring new techniques so that my students can benefit from rewarding and motivating routines. All of this will ensure my clients become fitter, happier, feel safer – and more confident”.    

Sarah Brendlor

"As a member of Krav Maga Global (KMG), I’m committed to teaching safe techniques in controlled environments".


Certification includes:

  • G5 Level KMG Licenced Instructor

  • KMG Civilian Instructor

  • KMG Womens Instructor

  • KMG KRAV JUNIOR™ Instructor 

  • KMG VIP & 3rd Party Protection Instructor

  • KMG Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning Instructor

  • BTEC level 3 advanced award in self-defence instruction.

  • Ground Force Method Instructor 

  • DBS checked. 

  • Women's Aid ASK ME Ambassador​

  • The KMG Women's Division Lead for the ​U.K.



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What the papers say about
Krav Maga.

The Sunday Times
“Pressure tactics simulate real-life situations, making the class quite frightening at times. The exercises get my adrenalin pumping and bring out all the aggression necessary to survive a real-life attack. I had endured a strenuous workout and learned to defend myself.” 

Time Out Magazine “The world’s best form of self defence. Very enjoyable and easy to learn.”

Combat Magazine

“It (Krav Maga) has more self defence cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject!”

 GQ Active
“Best in the World for self defence. It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle. Students (sometimes)train in their work clothes, with the lights off, using furniture – anything to prepare themselves mentally for tapping their aggression into a particular situation.” 

Sarah talks to Jeremy Vine - Radio 2
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Sarah speaks to the Independent:

Here are 5 self-defence moves every woman should know

Esquire Magazine:
Giles Coren Learns To Fight – The amazing story of how a cowardly north London restaurant critic was transformed into an ass-kicker

- Not a brilliant endorsement but still makes me laugh to read, - Just who is Deborah Becker?...

What they say about Sarah



“Krav Maga is about increasing your awareness, while diffusing threats and counter attacking as soon as possible, at the most vulnerable parts of the body with a constant stream of moves. I got that in my head within three sessions and since then I love practising it in open spaces with Sarah. While I’m getting an intense workout that no gym class can give you. Confidence, stamina, strength and the newfound will to fight harder, is what you get through Sarah’s teaching and that’s worth a lot.” - Y.B

“The class not only provided a physical session including all the techniques and tricks, but also provided an insight into how to mentally approach potentially tricky situations. It’s not always about the fight - but getting away safely”  

- F. S

“ I felt great afterwards: inspired, empowered and in control… The added advantage is that I may also be able to stand against the often so-many occurrences of injustice in ordinary every day life -   if I choose to do so: I’m not planning to be a ‘defender of the public’ but it is not nice to see people, particularly women, victimised or subject the to unnecessary discomfort of unwanted (male) attention.” A.W

“I love it! Empowering, challenging, physical!” - T.S

“Thank you for another quality session. new challenges, learning new solutions. Great teacher!“  G.J

“Sarah’s training style is challenging and varied and we have the opportunity to build up on skills as we keep drilling the fundamentals while we learned new stuff. By the end of the course everyone felt confident on some of the fundamentals, and very confident on the benefits of practising Krav Maga"  - H.H

“Thank you so much for your great teaching, done with dedication and a great sense of humour!” - G.G

“You provided a freaking great and broad introduction, that just left me wanting to go on and reassured me that I was right to pick Krav Maga as my next step”.

- Y.J

“The session was paced at the right speed to get a real taste of 'Krav Maga', and it was fun! ...Great instructors who made everyone feel very welcome.  I came away from the session feeling invigorated & keen to learn more about Krav Maga." - J.H

“I cannot rate Sarah enough.

She is a tour- de -force, the most compassionate, warm, delightful and skilled teacher a girl could want. I strongly recommend her.“ - J.G

“Before I trained with Sarah I was a scrapper and now I’m a fighter.”-T.H


“Sarah is one of the most effective trainers that I’ve ever encountered, specialising in extracting the last drop of blood and sweat from slobs like myself. She is a Krav Maga instructor as well as the creative use of Kettlebells for the purpose of shaping blobs into what resembles human figures.” - E.S 

‘Krav Maga is a great discipline and learning it has given me more self-confidence. I’m learning a lot about being more aware in difficult situations. 
It has been a great experience and we also have alot of laughs together.” 
- M.S

“Gave our staff (that left late from work) little more confidence”. -K.B

“I started recently a job in a prison. As part of the induction I had to attend training on personal protection. I found their self-defence techniques quite unrealistic for my size as I am petite. Luckily for me I was already attending Krav Maga classes and learning realistic self-defence techniques for realistic situations!“  - H.H

“I was a little nervous of Sarah’s workouts. I have to say she eased me into the sessions and before I knew it I was totally hooked. She’s an enthusiastic instructor and knows her stuff. She always says the workouts are simple but not easy.

You get results.’ - S.G

‘I enjoyed the women-only classes taught by a female teacher, because we could enjoy a safe environment and build a little Krav Maga community and have a laugh togther while we learned!” - H.H

“Sarah possesses the triptych of an ideal fitness mentor - deep knowledge and experience on the mental and physical aspects of Krav Maga, very considerate and straightforward way of getting this knowledge in your mind and body, plus a flexible schedule to accommodate your individual needs.” - Y.D

“I highly recommend Krav Maga to anybody who wants to feel a little more confident walking down the street at night. Whereas it is always important to be street savvy, knowing some of these moves cannot hurt, except possibly your attacker !” - J.S

"A bit scary but quite sensible'- Anon

"Sarah hold's the space so well and gets the best out of all the students in a safe, focussed, very professional and warm environment. "- G.J

“I like the therory and approach to it - i.e. de-escalate a situation if you can - it’s not all about the fight.” -S.F


“My son was mugged twice (for his phone), the training has given him the confidence to face school, he’s got more focus throught the extra physical outlet. I’m happy for him.” - L.M

“Thank you for the Krav Maga session you held at our recent girls scouts neighbourhood event. Even though it was a large group of over 50 girl, you single-handedly kept the group interested and participating throughout. Even some of the adult leaders joined in. I’m sure the girls all learned something valuable about self-awareness and protection from this one brief session. It was fun too! Many thanks.” - M and R, leaders of Girl Scouts of America in London

‘I was shopping for clothes recently and whilst in the changing room, I realised that everything I chose fitted and look great. I thought to myself, thank you trainer.”- J.K

“I loved being able to train in an ego free environment. The pace in which the class moved and being taught from a female perspective” - N.S 

“Our staff asked for something different, more useful from a team building day, they got it. Thank you.” - H.J. PR company London.

“T.K. - It was ‘fun and very amusing and we did a lot of movements… and I enjoyed myself. Sarah was fun and helped us when we needed it. 9.5/10 

S.A. - It was ‘fun and very good experience and very helpful… 8/10 thank you!

R.L. – ‘It was good… it was excellent… [I learnt a good kicking technique but] I just need to put a bit more power into it.’ 11/10

J.A. - I like the session because the lady is not crazy, because the people who usually do (self -defence) stuff, they usually go crazy when people don’t get it right and they’ll feel like fighting us as well and she had the ability to fight us, but she didn’t do it so that’s what I liked, she’s not crazy (also)… It was fun and I was able to learn some stuff out of it, like how to defend myself. 10/10 “
- Students 13-15 London

"...excellent therapy as well as self defence! A totally different way of working with tension, motor memory, instincts, discipline and spatial awareness - a good use of aggression, physicality and controlled technique. Brilliant!

 - J.G

Hidden strengths: A student conversation



To discuss your goals
email Sarah directly. 


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